The American Flag is presented at a recent NFL game
The American Flag is presented at a recent NFL game

It’s Football season! That means Sunday Night Football is back! Many have been waiting months for the moment to sit and relax on a Sunday afternoon to watch their favorite teams play. Fans such as Anna Johnson (11) spend much of her Sundays watching NFL football with her dad. 

Johnson is a dedicated Cincinnati Bengals fan and she shares her thoughts and opinions regarding the loss the Bengals had against The Browns on Sunday night. 

“I feel like Joe Burrow is letting his newly signed million-dollar contract get to his head and I expect him to not do that in future games and actually get us to the Super Bowl this year,” Johnson said.

Meanwhile, student Pierson Layer (11) shares his views and beliefs for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

“I loved the Eagle’s win against the Patriots last Sunday, they have such a great lineup this year,” Layer said.

Layer also shares how long he’s been an Eagles fan and his predictions for this year’s Super Bowl. 

“The Eagles have been my favorite team since I was a kid. I definitely think they will make it to the Super Bowl and actually win it this time,” Layer said.

One team that has surprised many NFL fans has been the Dallas Cowboys who won against the New York Giants with the score being 40-0. This game makes the Cowboys’ biggest victory over the Giants since 1966 the score being 52-7. Student Bryson Daughtery (11) shares his thoughts on Sunday’s game. 

“They played well but I feel like they’re gonna have a good regular season but then they’ll choke in playoffs,” Daugherty said.

Overall football fans are ready to see what this season holds and which NFL teams will go to the playoffs this year. Will the Cowboys finally win a Superbowl or will the Eagles go to the Superbowl once more? I guess we will have to wait and see. 


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