Viva Las Vegas

The Last Sunday Night Football
Viva Las Vegas

On Sunday February 11, 2024, The Kansas City Chiefs and The San Francisco 49ers played in Las Vegas at the LVIII Super Bowl. Many fans were excited to watch the last two teams go head to head to win The Vince Lombardi trophy. 

Before the game began, there was a kickoff show of “America the Beautiful”, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, as well as “The National Anthem”, this year Post Malone had the privilege of singing “America the Beautiful”. The tradition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” began in 2020 when The United States was going through the Black Lives Matter Movement. Ever since, the song plays right before “The National Anthem”. This year Reba McEntire sung her rendition of “The National Anthem”. Reba went on to tell CBS News, “This ain’t my first rodeo! I’d never have imagined when I sang the anthem at the National Finals Rodeo 50 years ago that I’d be singing it today at the Super Bowl,” McEntire said. 

In the first quarter, both teams struggled to make a single touchdown or field goal, slowly transitioning into the second quarter is where all the action took place. It was the 49ers ball and they tried their best to make a touchdown, only for them to make a fumble at the twenty-seven yard line. The ball returned to the The Chiefs, but they could not make any touchdowns or field goals. A punt came in handy for the 49ers just for them to also make the same mistake by not getting a single touchdown or field goal, giving the ball back the Chiefs. The Chiefs were once again unlucky and handed over the ball to the 49ers. Just twelve seconds into the 2nd quarter and the 49ers finally made a field goal raising the score up to 3-0. 

There was a bit of a struggle for the Chiefs as they still couldn’t manage to make a single touchdown, but not for the 49ers. With four minutes left of the second quarter, 49ers player Christian McCaffery made a touchdown. The Chiefs hoped to improve in the second half of the game just as the 2nd quarter ended and Usher stepped out for the halftime show.

Usher opened up his performance on a throne. He had many dancers and performers around him. He started out singing “Caught Up” followed by “U Don’t Have to Call”, “Superstar”, and “Love in the Club”. The camera panned over to Usher’s fellow friend, Alicia Keys who was playing a big red piano. She began singing “If I Ain’t Got You”. Many noticed that at the beginning, Alicia’s voice suffered from a crack, but that didn’t stop her. She pushed through transitioning the song into “My Boo” in which Usher joined. Usher continued his performance by bringing special guests such as H.E.R, Lil Jon, Ludacris, and Jermaine Dupri. Usher ended his performance with the singing of “Yeah!”. Overall Usher’s halftime performance was awesome. Many have already been speculating on which artist will perform in the next year’s Super Bowl. 

With the start of the 3rd quarter, the San Francisco 49ers were leading and many fans thought they would this years game. However, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to make a field goal. They were successful, raising the score to 10-6. It was the 49ers ball and they tried multiple times to make it over the 3rd down but were unsuccessful. It was once more the Chiefs ball, but this time the Chiefs were able to make a touchdown with two minutes on the clock. The score was now 10 San Francisco and 16 Kansas City. It was the end of the 3rd quarter and the 49ers didn’t give up just yet, they pushed through having some trouble but eventually at 11:22 on the play clock, the 49ers were able to make a touchdown raising the score 16-13. The Chiefs were beginning to lose hope, they kept going over the first down eventually having to give to ball to the 49ers. The 49ers were also unsuccessful in making any more touchdowns or field goals. If they would have made a single touchdown or field goal they may have won the SuperBowl, but with five minutes and fourty-six seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs brought the score up 16-16. It wasn’t looking so good for the 49ers. 

With the score being tied and the fourth quarter almost over, the San Francisco 49ers knew they had to keep going. They pushed, but only enough to make a field goal then raising the score 19-16. The Chiefs weren’t giving up just yet for they kept pushing as well and eventually they brought the score to a tie with a field goal. It was the end of the 4th quarter and that meant overtime. This year the NFL put in some new rules in the case of going overtime. Some of those rules consisted of an extra fifteen minutes and both teams being able to possess the ball. 

It was the beginning of overtime and it was Kansas City’s kick and the 49ers ball. Brock Purdy tried communicating with his teammates and they were lucky enough to push through not going over 3rd down. They made a field goal at twenty-seven yards. The field goal rose the score 22-19. It was the Chiefs turn to possess the ball. Mahomes made many passes. Many Chiefs fans were on the edge of their seats and suddenly with just 3 seconds left of overtime, the Kansas City Chiefs made a touchdown brining the score to 25-22. They once again won the title of Super Bowl champions. Chief fans roared with excitement. This meant Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Andy Reid had made the Kansas City Chiefs a dynasty. At the end of the Super Bowl, The Chiefs received the Vince Lombardi trophy and their fourth superbowl ring. Many NFL fans have now been predicting on which two teams will go head to head next year in the 59th Super Bowl hosted in New Orleans. They’ll just have to wait and see until next season.

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