Princess and the Prom

Princess and the Prom

Prom is a central topic in most teenage movies whether romantic or not. This also happens to be a crucial moment in almost every high schooler’s life. For girls, the stress of finding a dress, perfect hairstyle, makeup look, and date can be overwhelming. They spend their whole lives leading up to this moment watching movies like Radio Rebel, Lemonade Mouth, and the classic Grease as inspiration for their moment in the spotlight. Growing up, prom is the right of passage when we think of high school. Izzy O’Connor (12) is just one of the many girls at LCHS in extensive planning for prom night.

“Prom for me was something I was so excited about when I was younger. When I thought about high school as a little kid, I thought about prom. Prom is a great chance to hang out with people and be yourself; from your dress to your dancing.” O’Connor said.

For senior girls especially, prom night is their night to shine. Izzy tells of her inspiration for the big night. 

“Grease! The dancing seemed so fun and I’m in love with the types of dresses!”O’Connor said. 

Although this is just one example of high expectations for prom, it shows how romanticized prom is for these young girls. As for planning, O’Connor has already taken that into further consideration. Now everybody has a different look they are going for, but for O’Connor, she wanted to go for, “A princess and the frog type thing,” incorporating a light sage dress to fit this idea. Now that she already has her dress, more work is required.

“I love planning out my outfit. I’ll take the few weeks before prom picking out jewelry and practicing makeup to see what I want to do for prom,” O’Conner said.

The theme for this prom? Lavender Haze.

“I think It’s a cute theme but I don’t think everyone is going to follow it, if everyone was in purple, we would all look the same. Cute idea though!” O’Connor said.

A lot of people at LCHS feel the same way and are hoping for a more floral theme to arise. Now the look itself can be stressful as the strain for perfection can be draining, but there is more to do.

“Making plans is awful, figuring out when and where you’re taking pictures, dinner plans, outfit planning, nails. All of it takes a lot,” O’Connor said.

When all the planning is done, pictures taken, and arrival at the venue, the stress can finally be taken off. The special moment they all have been waiting for is here. The hair is perfect, the nails classy, and the makeup smooth. Now all they have to do is dance and have fun. Keep that in mind for prom this year, because by the end of this, this memory will be one to hold on to.

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