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Chloe Tinker (10) and Rachel Shope (10) rehearse lines together
Chloe Tinker (10) and Rachel Shope (10) rehearse lines together
Lily Rich

This spring’s musical theater show is Annie. The musical was first performed in 1977; it is the thirteenth longest-running American musical on Broadway. It was eventually turned into a movie in 1982 and since then, different renditions have been produced. This year Naomi Lambdin (11) is playing the lead role of Annie. She adores the scene when she first meets the stray dog, Sandy. 

“[My favorite part is] probably the scene when I meet Sandy for the first time and I’m calling him over after the dog catcher tries to get him,” Lambdin said. 

As well as the character Annie, the musical has other lead roles such as Daddy Warbucks, Grace Farrell, and Miss Hannigan. These roles can create the challenge of becoming someone entirely different from your personality. Rachel Shope (10) has been studying her role, so she can overcome the challenges that come with it. 

“Playing a character that is so far from my actual personality has been very difficult. You have to learn how to get in the head of the character you’re playing and portray it in body language and vocally, and for Miss Hannigan, that doesn’t come naturally to me,” Shope said.

Throughout the musical, we hear many famous songs. The theater group has been practicing very hard on these songs and the choreography to give a beautiful rendition. Chloe Tinker (10) enjoys learning the routine for one of the most iconic songs in Annie.

“My favorite song is probably Hard Knock Life. It’s a classic, and we have a really cool dance that goes with it. The girls who play the other orphans are all amazing. We’ve still got lots of work to do but it’s coming along really well, and I’m having a really good time working with the girls,” Tinker said. 

This group has been working very hard on this performance and has learned many new skills and techniques to make this show the best. Make sure you go see it and support the group!

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