Teacher Appreciation Week

American Education Week (Nov. 13-17)
Mr. Slimp guiding his students in a rehearsal
Mr. Slimp guiding his students in a rehearsal

Throughout this period in our lives, teachers, coaches, and mentors play an important role in shaping our futures. These figures are vastly significant when it comes to showing us how to be functioning members of society; and without them, we would have no stable source of education. The week of November 13th-17th, American Education Week, has been dedicated to learning about the importance of education and acknowledging the advisors who have taken on the duty of doing so.

In order for your students to process the material that is being taught, having a good and positive attitude is crucial. Interacting with your students and providing them with a safe space to learn is the cornerstone of being successful as a teacher. Kadence Carr (10) admires her teacher, Mrs. Renker, for these very reasons. 

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Renker because she is flexible, and she has a relaxing and joyful personality and classroom,” Carr said.

On top of providing a positive environment for students to learn in, your personality is equally important. The majority of high school students don’t want to be in class, especially when learning about topics that don’t strike interest. For Emma Lathum (11), the humor that Mrs. Wallace incorporates into her teachings makes the class much more enjoyable.

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Wallace because she pushes us to have better work ethic. She’s also so funny and nice to be around,” Lathum said.

Listening skills are equally important for students as they are teachers. Having someone you can lean on during any sort of hardship is always beneficial. Coach Yoakum, the criminal justice teacher, is Gracie Collin’s (11) go-to teacher when she’s in need of compassion.

“[My favorite teacher is] Coach Yoakum because he’s funny, you can joke around with him, and whenever I need to rant, he listens,” Collins said.

Ultimately, American Education Week gives us an opportunity to pay respect to the people who’ve guided us as we figure out who we are as individuals. Showing appreciation and honoring our educators is the least we can do considering how much they do for us. 

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