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Orange Is The New Gray

Nicole Miraflores

December 18, 2019

It's that time of the year for Lenoir City High School Girls Basketball. As the girls start conditioning before they take on the year they got a new addition to the team. Not a team member but a new assistant coach, Rachel Gray...

Nashville Predators take the win

Lauren Grainger, Staff Writer

February 27, 2019

On the 19th of February, the Nashville Predators went up against the Dallas Stars in the American Airlines Center. In the first period of the game, Fagan full stride shots and gets stopped by Rinne. Boyle comes in too hard making ...

Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back

February 1, 2019

Taking A Knee

Taking A Knee

October 19, 2018

An Upsetting U.S. Open

Autumn Hynes, Staff Writer

October 13, 2018

This years US Open has drawn global attention, but not for reasons you would think. Serena Williams, a seasoned Tennis player of twenty-three years, received three violations in the second set her match against Naomi Osaka. Chai...

New Season, New Vols

Haven Fowler

September 26, 2018

It is football season here in Tennessee, and Vols fans are getting prepared in every way possible for the games to come. Many thoughts have come up with the changes of coaching staff, but the true Vols fans are preparing for thi...

Batter up

Haven Fowler, Staff

May 16, 2018

Baseball season has hit its way into our town. With our Panthers hard work and dedication to the game they love, we are sure to get some great wins this season. “We spent the majority of the fall voluntarily coming to worko...

Thirds Times The Charm

Thirds Times The Charm

March 19, 2018

Shooting For A Comeback

Shooting For A Comeback

January 31, 2018

The Fight Goes On

The Fight Goes On

September 12, 2017