New Year, New Me

Exzavier Shelton reacting to the New York Times Square ball dropping
Exzavier Shelton reacting to the New York Times Square ball dropping
Pierson Layer

Every year, countries around the world celebrate because of the new year! This time is often very exciting and creates a feeling of wanting to better one’s self as the clock strikes twelve. People start to create their New Year’s resolutions which can be a goal they will try and stick to for the following year. Exzavier Shelton (12) has made his New Year’s resolution and shares what it means to him.

“My new year’s resolution is to [play] games better and to just try and hang out with friends more, and maybe work on my mental health,” Shelton said.

Staying with a New Year’s resolution can be challenging, but friends are available to help. Friends can help push you to do better and help strive towards a better future.

“I’m probably going to stick with [my New Year’s resolution] honestly depending on my friends keeping me in line and very hard self-discipline,” Shelton said.

Most people who create New Year’s resolutions don’t always stay consistent. Throughout the year people often forget about the resolution they created.

“I do [create New Year’s resolutions every year] but sometimes I don’t follow them or I forget about them. I create them to better myself. Out of these 18 years I have lived, I have completed maybe five of them,” Shelton said.

Every New Year, in New York City, a giant ball is slowly lowered down on top of the Times Square building, which signifies the New Year.

“I do not [watch the ball drop every year] I think I have only seen it twice but I used to watch it with my whole family,” Shelton said.

Lots of people around the world create health-related goals. People get on new diets, new workout plans, or just want to start living healthier.

“[One resolution I have stuck with is] honestly just staying fit. I mean I work out now and then wherever I’m not injured,” Shelton said.

A new year contains several different challenges and surprises but continuing with a New Year’s resolution can help prove to yourself that you can maintain a goal and work towards it.

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