Rock n Roll, Think Again—Country

Jonathan Davis and Marilyn Manson doing a country album together: who ever heard of such a thing? These two stars are known primarily in the hard rock and metal genre The two used to be very close, but their paths drifted them away from one another.

Jonathan says, in an interview with Westword, ”The Big and Rich thing, I’m doing a country record. It’s a record to commemorate the Bakersfield sound.” Davis is from Bakersfield, with that being said, it makes it a lot more important to to his dedicated fans; him honoring where he is from and trying something new means he isn’t afraid to be who he is, and fans are very fond of that.

Marilyn Manson and Jonathan Davis have done previous pieces around each other, some better than others. Davis has done a cover of the Queen Of the Damned movie soundtrack, one song being sang by Manson. The song from the Queen Of the Damned movie soundtrack that had been covered by Davis was called ‘Redeemer’. The definition of Redeemer being a person who redeems someone or something; a powerful example being Christ. 

In Manson’s Westword interview he says, ”Jonathan and I used to be really close. We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. Now he and I are talking about doing something completely unexpected together.” In this statement Manson does seem quite excited, but still slightly nervous at the same time. I would be too if a rockstar did a country album. This album may be an interesting ride that only inclines through history, or it may be that one loop on the ride that makes everyone’s stomachs churn. Personally, the incline only makes the ride better–and not all roller coasters have loops. Jonathan-Davis-Marilyn-Manson-630x420