From the blocked off areas on campus to the sounds of construction workers hard at work, we all know that the gym is being renovated at the moment. Thanks to our assistant principal, Mr. Christopher Brittain, we now know exactly what is going on with these renovations. 

“We are redoing all of the locker rooms in the gym. The locker rooms have only had little adjustments here and there, but we have not remodeled the locker rooms in many years…We want all of our students (and athletes) to feel comfortable changing in the locker rooms,” Brittain said. 

Not only are the locker rooms being remodeled, but we’re getting a bathroom upgrade, as well. 

“The new bathrooms are going to be on the main floor of the gym. This would allow for people to access the bathrooms easier than when the bathrooms were on the second floor of the gym,” Brittain said.

We will also have two new classrooms in the gym when renovations are done. The upstairs bathrooms will be renovated into classrooms.

Along with all of these upgrades, there’s one that many students would be happy to hear about: air conditioning. 

“We are going to be adding air conditioning to the whole building of the gym for the students and teachers that are going to be in there for the hottest seasons of the year,” Brittain said.

Due to new locker rooms, bathrooms, classrooms, and even air conditioning, our school gym is getting a huge upgrade that many students would be excited to hear about.