Spooktastic Movies

Spooktastic Movies

 Halloween movies are a staple of the season’s holiday aesthetic. There are movies for every age and every genre. Watching Halloween movies is a family tradition for many. Some popular movies include Scream, Hocus Pocus, and The Nightmare Before Christmas

Scream is a classic horror movie that is watched by most every Halloween. Everyone knows the Scream Mask and the iconic quotes from the movie. The Scream franchise has branched into a whole series of films, but the original is still the most beloved out of them all. Scream also has a comedy aspect besides just being a thriller film, and this is what Annabelle Wheeler (9) likes the most about the film.

“It has humor, while also being a horror movie. It gets you pumped. It also has a good plot, and it’s entertaining because of it,” Wheeler said.

Hocus Pocus is a fun and nostalgic movie. It is a great family watch and has been a favorite for lots of people over many years. The characters are charming, and you are able to watch them develop over the course of the film. The story pulls you in from the beginning with the backstory of the witches and then transitions into the modern-day story with the main character, Max Dennison. Kinsley English (10) enjoys Hocus Pocus because of the overall good feeling that the movie produces. 

“Hocus Pocus just has a good vibe, no matter how often you watch it. You always feel nostalgic and a connection with the characters and town,” English said. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of  director, Tim Burton’s, most famous claymation movies. It has a phenomenal soundtrack; some songs are “This Is Halloween”, “Kidnap The Sandy Claus”, and “Oogie Boogie Song”. The storyline and design of the characters create a unique feeling and style for the movie. The storyline mixes most people’s two favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas. The songs, the storyline, and the design are what makes this film so well-loved. Jase Will (11) believes the songs are outstanding and the design of the movie as a whole is special. 

“Nightmare Before Christmas was very innovative with its visual design and unique use of stop motion and claymation animations. The iconic character design is still very iconic to this day. Also, it has one of the most intelligently and purposefully written soundtracks that provides really appropriate music for the story of the film,” Will said. 

These movies are perfect to get people in the Halloween spirit. They help create memories for families and friends. And even when it is not Halloween, they are perfect for a mood-lifting and nostalgic feeling. Next year remember to watch these movies!

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