Dress Code: Raincoats

Dress Code: Raincoats

Rain, rain, go away. Come again in the month of May. As many have seen throughout the past week, Lenoir City has embraced numerous showers and will continue to do so into this week. The consistent rainfall might leave you with a drenched, teen rom-com moment or simply smelling like a wet dog. Either way, don’t let mother nature take you by surprise again. Stay dry, and bring your raincoat!

Rainy days can bring a variety of emotions, the most familiar being comfort. This sense of relaxation is all thanks to the stimulation our brains receive due to lower air pressure and lots of water vapor! Although rain can also have its downsides, one being issues with hair. Lauren Kennedy (11) can vouch for this! 

“I really like the rain. It makes me feel calm. My only problem is the frizzy hair,” Kennedy said.

Although comfort is a common reaction to peaceful showers, large numbers of people experience a feeling of sorrow. According to NBC News, “there’s long been a link between mood and weather. Some of us can’t stand the rain. Others aren’t happy unless we can feel the warm glow of sunshine on our shoulders.”

The rainy weather not only affects our mood but also plays a role in our day-to-day lives, sometimes restricting our hobbies. Tanner Byus (10)  is one of the many that isn’t content without his leisure activities and the warm glow of sunshine.

“[The rain has made me] kind of sad because I can’t go outside and play football anymore. I’m hoping it will stop and clear up, so I can finally go out on the weekends,” Byus said.

Despite the fact that the rain can result in the change of plans, like going out for the weekend, it can also cause dire situations. It is one of the many leading causes of car incidents. As reported by FHWA Road Weather Management, “Rain causes wet pavement, which reduces vehicle traction and maneuverability. Heavy rain also reduces visibility distance. These impacts prompt drivers to travel at lower speeds causing reduced roadway capacity and increased delay.”

Rain can be extremely dangerous for drivers. It limits visibility, roadside awareness, and the ability to control a vehicle. The constant drizzle of rain can also lead to the distress of drivers. Jaime Ramirez (11) can verify this.

“My car slides, and I can’t go my usual speed. This stops me from getting to my destination faster, not to mention the chaos [that comes with it], ” Ramirez said.

Rain has an immense impact on our usual routine, mood, and much more. Don’t let it ruin your day! Cozy up on the couch with a snug blanket or go out in the rain and relish in the sky’s peaceful sprinkles! Nevertheless, enjoy the many rainy days to come.