Where Did Sadie Go?

Where Did Sadie Go?

Well, long story short, Sadie decided to stay home on that sad sad day, November 16th, 2023. After months of planning the occasion the faculty ultimately decided to cancel the dance due to lack of interest. Even though they faced mass criticism for the decision, they pulled the dance, and everyone who had bought a ticket was refunded and sent home without the joy of being able to attend. Annie Alvo (10), a student who had bought a ticket, shares her thoughts on the matter. 

I was disappointed that the school canceled the dance because I was really looking forward to it. I did come up with a cute way to ask my date to go to the dance with me! With a sign and his favorite restaurant food! He and I both liked the idea of having the females ask the males to go to Sadie Hawkins because it is untraditional and unique!” Alvo said.

Many other students including Alvo, showed extreme disappointment at the cancelation of the dance.

Alina Lewis (9) states, “I was a bit upset. I was looking forward to doing a different but fun event in the school while also just having fun going to the dance with my friends,” Lewis said.

Another student excitedly bought a ticket and had already planned out not only her outfit but the plans for the night. Mackenzie Mitcham (12) was overjoyed to get to wear her dress, but her fun after and before plans were ruined.

“[I was] kind of sad [and was most excited to be] making new friends and dancing with random people,” Mitcham said.

Overall the canceling of the dance was a sad reality and left many students at LCHS in shock and disappointment. They shouldn’t have pushed the dance so far so quickly and if they had advertised the dance better maybe Sadie would have gone to the dance instead of home that night. Hopefully, next school year, if we have a Sadie Hawkin’s dance, it will be planned better and we will be able to attend.

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