Covid Control

The year 2020 has brought a lot of new things to light, some of them good and some bad, but among these new things one thing, in particular, has been presented. Rules and regulations have been put into place as early as March, and since then they have been constantly changing. Teenagers growing up in this new era are having to adapt to a new way of life, but how do they feel about this change? For a sophomore, Victoria Cannon this year has been particularly difficult.

Ca“In all honesty, it’s been horrible. The hybrid schedule takes me away from my friends, and I have a hard time finding the motivation to do my work on online days,” Cannon said.

It hasn’t been all bad however, in fact, the new changes have made school easier for some students.

 “I have caught up on sleep lost from previous years, my grades are looking better, and with the masks, I only have to do a portion of my makeup routine,” said Keily Aguilar (12).

Despite the ever-changing rules and policies, students are determined to have a normal school year and will continue to persevere through these difficult times.