Taking A Knee


As many people have been talking about, Quarterback Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee during the national anthem. This became a big issue in the 2016 presidential election, and in the couple years following since Kaepernick hasn’t had a job in the NFL.

Many people disagree with his decisions because they view it as disrespectful to our military. While others believe it isn’t a problem and view it as an act of great respect and humility.

Nick Moser (11) stated his opinion on the situation.

“They’re kneeling for a good cause because there’s a lot of racial inequality and injustice in our country,“ said Moser.

He also stated that “people portray kneeling as disrespectful to the military when it’s anything but”.

Others, such as Rachel Johnson (10), believe that this situation has become bigger than it should have been due to overreacting.

“I think everyone is overreacting. You shouldn’t be shamed for how you believe,” said Johnson.

Then there are people that are still neutral to the situation, like Anna Friar (10).

“You can still stand and believe the way you do, but they have their reasons of why they don’t,” said Friar.

Many people believe it’s a freedom of speech for players to choose to take a knee during the anthem or to stand.