The Unjustifiable League (part two)


Charlie Finger

‘Justice League’ debuted in theatres on the seventeenth of November this year.

Now for the ‘redeeming’ point(s): Barry was a saint. I expected great acting from Miller because of The Perks of Being a Wallflower but I found myself waiting to see him in every scene. He was the comedic relief and I loved it. I’m glad they chose to keep the Flash’s humoristic tendencies, as well as the personas of the other characters. Batman (Ben Affleck) was a brooding, rich batchelor; Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) was a fierce and–somewhat–independent woman; Cyborg (Ray Fisher) was this teen-aged, serious cyborg–though I would have preferred some teenage traits; and I don’t have much experience with Aquaman (Jason Momoa), so I am not particularly mad at how he was portrayed. The acting was fine.


This next point has more to do with the acting of the Lane and Adams, who are Martha Kent and Lois Lane respectively. Looking back on Man of Steel, I was actually proud and happy with Adams acting and it was not different here. With Clark Kent being dead, the two characters (his mother and significant other) are rightly mourning. And their pain add much more to the movie, which is one reason I would rather Clark had stayed dead. It just means that now anyone can make anyone come back to life as long as they have the right tools and mourning becomes obsolete. Also, it seemed like the two women had actually accepted that he was gone and it will probably hurt them even more when he cannot be risen from the dead.


Despite my aggression towards Cyborg actually being in the movie–do directors and screenwriters read the original works that their movies and tv shows derive from?–, I was a fan of the development of his character and powers. Cyborg has recently been created, as I have previously stated, and is not experienced with his situation, which is to be expected because it is not normal to be almost completely transformed into a robot. He discovers his powers a little more each day and that is super cool.

I will not say I liked this movie because if it was not obvious before, I did not, which is a shame because I was so hyped for it at first. Overall, there were some small positive things about Justice League but I stand with my decision to dislike it to a very high degree. It could have been better and there is no excuse for it not being. They have had plenty of other movies to take notes on–read as Spider-Man: Homecoming. As for the sequel? I want to watch it to see if it will be better because sometimes you cannot judge sequels on their originals and vise versa, but it will probably not be in a theatre and not with as much as excitement as I want for a multi-superhero movie.