Men’s Fall Fashion 2017

Fall is the transition from summer to winter. During that transition, a lot changes around us. The bright green leaves that were once alive begin to slowly change colors and fall to the ground. As the warm summer air changes from to a cool and crisp, so does the clothing that fills our closet. Fall is a time to replace your summer wardrobe for warmer winter clothing. Fall is the perfect time to pull out your favorite flannel, cozy sweater, and your boots.  This year, fall fashion for men 2017 is full of new styles and new colors.

“Fall is my favorite season, I love the weather and the clothes you get to wear,” said Kishan Patel (11).

To start off, the top you wear draws the most attention, so you better make sure it is worthy. Flannels are very basic, but always in style. Recently, companies have come out with something called a shirt jacket. The shirt jacket is basically a hybrid of a flannel and a jacket as the name suggests.

Sweaters come in sooo many different styles. With so many styles you need to know what each of them offers. Some offer more heat and lack in comfort, but others can have different looks that are more appealing.

Jeans or chinos are typically about the only options for guys, but in the last couple of years leggings have boosted in popularity. Companies roll out specifically-made bottom wear for the colder months to keep you warmer with inner linings.

Shoes are really up in the air, there are so many to choose from. Every year, a certain style becomes overly popular and everyone has something similar. Whether it is a pair of boots or loafers just make sure they give your outfit a cohesive look.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. This is a very crucial part to the overall look of the outfit you choose. Scarves, bracelets, belts, glasses, hats, etc… each piece adds its own personality to what you are wearing; just make sure that you match things up and that each item is in season.

Hopefully with all this information the men who read this will be super trendy and look great!