Wonder woman’s style

Spoiler alert!

Wonder Woman is an amazing movie that came out on December 16 (United kingdom) and December 25, 2020 (United States). Let’s get up to speed: Diana Prince had been living quietly among mortals in the 1980s. She had come into her full powers after the battle against Ares which was the pinnacle of Wonder Woman.  She maintains a low profile and goes to work where she curates ancient artifacts, while only performing incognito heroic acts. But soon she will have to muster all her strength, wisdom and courage to face Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah, a villain who possesses superhero strength and agility. 

Some new things that we can see in the movie and even on the triller are the really flashy clothes and costumes. In the first scenes of Wonder Woman 1984, she is wearing a retro outfit consisting of a wide-collared button-down shit, a navy pinstripe vest, a grey blazer, a brown belt worn at the smallest part of her waist, light grey trousers, and light color heels heels. This is the right outfit for a business and a casual look.

The next outfit was the one that Diana used when working at the museum. She wore a dark blue scheme that looked like a one- piece without bringing too much notice to this appearance. It went very well with Diana’s height and  the final touch of the cheetah heels. These are a great reference to the cheetah villain herself when she notices them, making the outfit very significant.

Diana wore a white gown with light heels at a gala, this was certainly a head- turner. On this scene everyone was in awe in her presence since the gown did its work naturally.

Here’s is another outfit that keeps the same pallet colors of the last ones, classy but comfortable. The trousers are the same ones she is wearing later in the movie with a short- sleeved shirt. The blouse in this scene is similar to the white gown she wore for the gala, giving this outfit a little sense of grace and elegance.

 WW 1984 provides major visual transformation. Diana trades her traditional red-white-and-blue battle gear for something a little more protective and gleam: A golden armor that comes with a helmet in the shape of an eagle that matches her belt and giant wings, they allow her to pierce the sky. This armor is very significant because one of her ancestors used it, besides it is very flashy which is what wonder woman is.

Lastly the classic wonder woman armor. This is how every fan pictures her. In 1984 the armor has more like an edgy look to it. That would be because it has more of an eagle-like quality. All this took place when she discovered a new power that she didn’t know she had until the end of the first Wonder woman movie.

The fashion choices in WW84 were iconic and worked well to establish an early 80’s timeline, as well as create beautiful looks that could be appreciated today.