Teens Taking On The Economy

Entrepreneurs are very rare to come across at times; most people find themselves sticking to one job for years at a time. At our very own high school; however, we have a diversity of students with different interests and abilities. Some students decided to act on those very abilities and start their own businesses during these unprecedented times.


Graysen Halverson (12) says, “Thrifting is a great way to get new clothes without breaking the bank, and it’s also a lot more sustainable than fast fashion because of the amount of clothes that end up in landfills. I thought it would be cool to make that available to everyone and make some money too!”


Graysen and her lovely friend Kaybri Jones (12) began a thrifting Instagram. They love to find good steals at local thrift shops and sell them on their platform. They began roughly three weeks ago and have gained almost 400 followers since then. 


Halverson goes on to say, “I’m super proud of what we’ve done so far! It might not seem to be much, but for two girls who love shopping, it’ll keep us working hard.”


Thrifting is not the only business we’ve got at our school, we also have many students who own a Cricut machine. If you are unfamiliar with those, here’s a snip of information about them! It is a little machine that can cut/make vinyl for almost any surface. Haley Webster (12) is one of those students. She does custom designs and has a platform on Instagram as well where she showcases some of her work she has done for friends.


Webster states, “I did all of the designs for my friends, but I was doing it to make a little spare cash.”


Sometimes working part time and going to high school full time is a difficult task to save money for yourself. Webster was using her creative abilities to help herself out and enjoy making crafts.


At this age, during a time of the pandemic, lots of people learn new things or find new hobbies to cure their boredom, but these students took their new hobbies and ideas and turned them into a business. This is only a couple of people who have done it; there are so many more! So, go support your friends and their businesses!