New Season,New Fashion Trends!!

New seasons, new fashion trends. Before we knew it spring was here and that means new fashion trends as well.


 Fashion is very important for Lenoir City High School students, there are many different types of fashion and trends.


With the change of season, students will also be changing things around them, some might include their closet and others change their routine, etc.


¨Some things that will be changing in my closet will be the colors, going from darker colors to lighter and brighter colors.¨Ashley Espinoza says as she prepares for her new Spring apparel.


¨Some things I will change are my pants, now I can start using shorts and skirts and now my pants can be ripped jeans and more open to the warm weather.¨ Sherlin Morales says eagerly.


Spring is also many students’ favorite season for many reasons other than fashion.


For example, Ashley Espinoza says,¨ I believe it allows people to express themselves considering all the different color mixtures and creative outfit ideas.¨


Sherlin Morales says,  ¨Being able to go out to picnics with my friends and going out more.¨


Sometimes knowing what trends to follow for spring can be hard and that is why Amazon dropped it´s Spring Fashion Section.


InStyle Shopping said, ¨Though it may still feel like winter outside in some areas, spring is officially here, and Amazon has declared the season’s arrival with a spring fashion storefront. The retailer launched an entire section of warm-weather clothes, shoes, and accessories, which means it’s time to get shopping.¨


Spring has just arrived therefore there are still many spring fashions that are yet to be discovered! What spring fashion trend will you be a part of this spring?