André Leon Talley: A Tribute


Fashion journalist and icon, André Leon Talley has passed away as of January 18, 2022. Talley was known worldwide for his effect in the fashion community as an editor for Vogue magazine. During his life, he provided an outstanding example of success for the Black community. 

His career as a journalist was not where his passion for bringing attention to black people–women specifically–began. Shortly before graduating, Talley wrote a thesis about Black women’s effects on Charles Baudelaire, as detailed by an AfroTech article.

This care and regard for the success of black women was carried throughout his career with Vogue. During his time at the magazine, many black women were put on the cover: Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and Beyoncé, to name a few. 

While his career focused mainly on fashion, Talley once detailed that fashion alone was not what fueled his passion. 

“I love people, it’s not fashion, it’s people who are in fashion that I love,” Talley said. 

Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone cared for Talley as much as the Black and fashion communities do. Upon his untimely passing, Vogue magazine’s Twitter released an article on bad vibes and how to rid of them. 

Despite this, fans of the journalist flocked to social media upon his death, with messages of grief, support, and appreciation for his work. Many of these individuals expressed their gratitude for Talley providing a Black person in a predominantly white field. 

In a time when the Black community is dismissed and rejected from opportunities merely because of their race, André Leon Talley was–and continues to be–a legend of his craft. 

We encourage you to hear more about Talley’s impact from Black voices. Love to Talley’s family, friends, and all those he inspired.