Girls’ Fall Fashion 2017


Fall is the transition from summer to winter. During that transition, a lot changes around us. The bright green leaves that were once alive begin to slowly change colors and fall to the ground. As the warm summer air changes it turns to a cool autumn breeze, so does the clothing that fills our closets. Fall is a time to replace your summer wardrobe for warmer winter clothing. It is the perfect time to pull out your favorite flannel, cozy sweater, and your boots.  This year, fall fashion for girls 2017 is full of new styles and new colors.

“I love fall clothes because they are cute and comfortable at the same time” said Katie Greene(10)

    One of the most eye drawing component to a wardrobe is the top. Flannels are always a very simple and basic go to. Flannels can be worn casually buttoned up, or open with a undershirt and a pair of jeans. This year there are several new ways to wear flannels like in the form of a dress. Some companies style flannels to look distressed and or ripped.

For girls sweaters can be worn a variety of different ways due to so many styles to choose from. Each style offers a completely different look than the other. Some sweaters such as the Cowl neck, Cable Knit,  and Turtleneck sweater can be worn to offer a good insulation of heat while also remaining appealing to the eye. If you aren’t looking for a sweater that provides you with warmth you may enjoy wearing a cardigan or even a sweater dress.

    For girls finding the perfect pair of blue can be challenging luckily jeans are not the only pants available for girls to wear in the colder months. Leggings have become quite popular in recent years, as they provide a great deal of comfort and can be paired with a variety of outfits. In addition to legging cargo pants are also a trendy pant for fall.

Shoes are a very important part of your outfit they are what wrapps the ensemble together. However different types of shoes are always going in and out of style. During the fall women usually tend to bring out their favorite boots. That could include Uggs, tall boots, short booties, wedged booties, and more.

Making sure to accessorize is key to pulling off the perfect outfit. Accessories can be a way to make your outfit stand out and feel complete. Adding jewellery, glasses, scarves, headbands, handbags, etc help make the outfit more unique and personal.

You must be so excited to pull out your fall attire. I hope by reading this you are ready to go into fall as trendy as ever.