Make Your Way Through 2021 With Style!


New trends are always occurring and 2021 hasn’t made an exception! Many famous artists, actors, and creators have been keeping their fans busy by feeding them new interests. All of the new fashion has been blowing up the internet! Everyone is trying to spice up their wardrobe. The famous app known as TikTok, and we can’t forget Pinterest too, has been spreading these trends like no other.

Sara Jane Weber says, “I love it when I see someone wearing something really shocking”

One new trend is wearing corsets with a regular outfit. Although it may not be the comfort option it is sure to draw attention and give a classy look. On the topic of classy clothes, monochrome is back from the 90s and better than ever. People walking down the streets seen wearing a plain outfit matching from head to toe are sure to make you take a second look at their fancy fashion.

“It’s so crazy to me that people can coordinate their outfits so well when I just go out in whatever is the most comfortable” said Sara Jane Weber

Another trend is wearing lots of jewelry to make your look come alive. Whether you are wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, simply having a plethora of necklaces and bracelets on can increase your style more than you’d think. Other jewelry, such as rings have become popular once again too. But it’s not just any rings though, it’s a new and funky style. These rings have a bulkiness to them to emphasize your hands.

Sara Jane says, “One thing I always wear is lots and lots of jewelry, I used to be super minimalistic until I started getting lots of compliments when I went out of my comfort zone”

Thrifting is another something that not many people would have ever thought of doing until this generation. The upcycling of clothes and getting it cute while being inexpensive can catch a lot of attention. People layering their clothes is also something that has become popular. It’s not layering like you would for a snow day, it’s wearing things like collared shirts underneath sweatshirts or wearing a long sleeve under a t-shirt to give your outfit some flare while keeping you warm.

“Oh yeah I love thrifting, it’s very cheap and great for the environment” said Weber.

All kinds of different styles are always being made to give everyone new chances to express themselves and these are just a few examples. Not all trends are for everyone though, and you can always make your own.