Spring Fashion 2021



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Spring is coming closer to us, a season full of colors and marevelous weather. Even though these months have been different than we were used to, we still have the opportunity to dress up  at home enjoying trends and fashion. Stores start publishing their new arrivals and clothes that are going to be according to the weather.

American Eagle areleased the new spring collection- 2021, starting with women’s clothing, they have very fresh and comfortable looks: T-shirts, oversized tees, long sleeve T-shirts, crop tops, jean jackets and light cardigans, some of them have designs with colorful light colors, tye-dye, flowers and stripes.

On the other hand, we have: mom jeans, skinny jeans, ripped jeans which never go out of style, also Flare jeans are very trendy in 2021; they have been around different platforms such as instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok. Sara Jane Weber tells us about her style and what she likes to wear on spring, “I wear lots of baggy clothes and I like mixing up my outfits using lots of different brands.” Weber said.

 Now for skirt lovers there are corduroy skirts of different colors which give an elegant look to your outfit, floral designs, plaid or even long skirts if it’s a little cold outside. In American Eagle, for shoes, their collections are mostly sneakers, sandals, boots, and Sketchers.

When we think of spring we usually think of vibrant colors and flowers, some other stores like Pull & Bear have their own style with a wonderful spring collection. They offer mini skirts of many colors, details and material. They also have very fresh and simple styles so people can combine all types of looks. Corsets, sweatpants and sweatshirts are something that is very popular in 2021. 

So… what are you waiting for? Go and try new looks, express your personality and enjoy this season full of colors and flowers!