Hurricane Irma Sweeps Through the Caribbean


Today, Hurricane Irma is starting to head towards the coastal United States as it sweeps northwest from the Caribbean Ocean. With wind speed going as fast 157 miles per hour, this hurricane is predicted to be more devastating than the recent Hurricane Harvey, which caused 66 confirmed fatalities so far and destroyed many homes.

Hurricane Irma has already struck the Virgin Islands and is heading towards Puerto Rico. According to the predictions made by the weather forecasters, Hurricane Irma is expected to hit the United States next monday around central Florida. Because many of our students have relatives living at or near the affected area, some expressed concern for their safety.

One of the students said  “[I’m] concerned about how the back-to-back storms will affect the economy,” John Poulson (10). Many people are starting to be afraid of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  

People in Florida are starting to evacuate from the strike zone, and temporarily trying to settle with friends or family. Water is starting to run out in stores, and traffic is more crowded than usual along the interstate. In addition, gas is also starting to run out in the affected areas, due to an immense demand and lack of supply. However, some people are staying and preparing for the storm.

Elijah Fox (11) says, “[his uncle gathers necessary tools and] boards the house up with wooden planks.”

While some feel confident, there are still many people who will need help. Being in Tennessee, it is advised to keep in contact with friends or relatives that live in Florida and to help donate in order to numb the potential damage that is about to happen.