Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


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Each country shows their flag with pride to support the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

All around the world, people have developed different beliefs and traditions. Every human being lives in locations with different backgrounds and characteristics. With this being said, during the last few months of September and October, we celebrate a vast variety of cultures of Hispanic descent for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage Month gives everyone a chance to demonstrate their culture to others from food, location, and family traditions. During this time, many celebrate the countless contributions of American citizens who come from different Hispanic cultures, including Mexico, Spain, Central America, and South America. Michel Gonzalez (12) and Ashley Espinoza (12) appreciate having this time to highlight their culture in society. 

“It’s important to have this month to remember why we’re here and to celebrate where we come from. I hope others understand that our culture is beautiful, and I hope everyone respects us as Hispanics,” Gonzalez said.

Initially, Hispanic Heritage Month was celebrated for only a week when it was enacted by President Lyndon Johnson; although, it was first brought to attention decades before, in the 1960s. Multiple Latino activists demanded recognition of Hispanic culture andt

 In recent years, many celebrate this month with a multitude of festivals, community gatherings, art shows, and parades. Many come to show support for Hispanics and the many historical Hispanic figures in our country.

“I celebrate by going to rodeos and festivals. There’s like an international festival and we do our part in that,” Espinoza said.

Overall, Hispanic Heritage Month provides a spotlight on Hispanic culture and what they have achieved for the United States. For this reason, if you haven’t already looked into this event, I hope you can visit local Hispanic museums, festivals, parades, or online viewings for the next upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month!