LCHS Theatre Performance


On Tuesday, May 3rd, the Lenoir City High School theatre program put on a two-hour long performance of four different plays, all relating to experiences that most high school kids have.


The first play, titled, “Ten Actors in Search of a Cellphone,” was about ten actors in search of a cell phone. Before the skit actually started, the cast pretended as if they were about to perform a play about pizza and UFOs. However, the main character, played by Cheyenne Vest, runs out on stage exclaiming that she had lost her cell phone. The cast then searched for the cellphone, but kept running into gossip and secrets that the main character had spilled.


The next play, titled, “How to Kill a Mockingbird,” puts a funny spin on a group of kids working on a project together, when they did not read the book they were assigned, To Kill a Mockingbird, and misunderstand the title as “How to Kill a Mockingbird”.


Ashton Hall (10) acted as one of the students working on the project, Kerry. “My favorite part of being in the play was being able to work with so many other amazing actors, and the skit we were in,” Hall said. However, they did come across some difficulties. “The main problem that we had was that our skit was only supposed to be 30 minutes long, but when we practiced it, it ended up being an hour long, so pacing was a major problem,” she said. “Besides ‘How to Kill a Mockingbird,’ my favorite play was ‘Ten Actors in Search of a Cell Phone.’ I thought it was the best because they seemed like actual people, not just actors on a stage,” she said.


The third play, “Hoodie”, focused on peer pressure, trying to fit in, and other emotional stress that comes with being a high schooler. There was no main character, but more of an ensemble that acted out multiple skits.


Lastly, the final play, titled “This is a Test”, starring Gibson Collett as the main character, resembled the stress and problems that students are put under during tests.
This was the last performance that the Lenoir City High School theatre program has put on in the 2015-2016 year, but there will be many more talent-filled performances to come.