National November Writing Month

It’s nearly November. The leaves are changing colors and descending to the ground. The temperature is decreasing to be cold. The air is slowly starting to smell of pumpkin spice and coldness. And it’s almost to start putting the words on the paper. For some people, November becomes Nanowrimo–which translates to National November Writing Month.


Nanowrimo is an online organization where writers participate in a creative writing project. The concept is to write 50,000 words within the span of November, starting at midnight on October 31st and ending at midnight on November 30th. Join millions of writers in a fascinating adventure that helps you understand the importance of a deadline and to restart your imagination.


With Nanowrimo, you get tons of perks. Winners get a chance at publishing their books and discounts on all sorts of websites and publishing companies. Participants can also get some discounts and even a chance at being discovered. All you have to do to win is get to 50,000 words or exceed it by the end of November.


Participation is free and all you have to do is go to the Nanowrimo site ( to sign up. Commitment is key to winning.


I have decided to take this challenge. When the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. and claims to be officially November first, the keyboard will be next to me, being abused by my fingertips. The screen will begin to fill with words: adverbs, adjectives, nouns, verbs, oxymorons, imagery, alliteration.


The hardest part of being determined to start and finish Nanowrimo has been getting everything done. I have many deadlines for school and activities will be planned during November. I know so far that I am going to bowling on the seventh so maybe the day before I double my word count to increase productivity.


Then Thanksgiving is coming up and even though I do not know what will come of this holiday, I do know it will probably be hectic.


But I think that Nanowrimo will help shape me as a person and a writer. I will obtain patience, perseverance, and learn to decrease my procrastination.
I hope you will join me in the month of November.