One Day movie review


The movie starts in London in 2006, with one of the characters riding a bicycle, with a grim look on her face. I sense something eventful will happen, but then we are taken to 1988 Edinburgh. Actor Anne Hathaway portrays Emma, and Jim Sturgess is Dexter.

A group of friends just graduated from college and are running through the streets at night celebrating their accomplishments. Emma and Dex are are among this group of friends, the thing is she thinks this is the first time they are meeting , but in retrospect Emma knows all about Dex and is hopelessly in love with him. He very quickly looks at her as a dear friend, but as the night goes on they become very close friends for life.

The movie shows where they are, with their career’s and in their friendship. Emma and Dex decide to meet on July 15th each year to catch up. Emma wants to be a writer but finds herself busy as a waiter at the corner Mexican restaurant.. Dex has no idea what he really wants to do with his life, but finds himself as a TV show host.


Some years later when the two are on their first vacation, Dex explains his deep love for Emma, but he also loves every girl he meets. Emma is quick to ignore the fact of his love, but in the end they wander their own ways back to each other after divorces and many tragic events.


I think that Viewers will absolutely fall in love with this movie due to the fact that the ending is different from every other typical movie on the market. Acting is excellent for the role of Emma, her accent is AMAZING! Sturgess is good as Dex, but Dextar’s character is just ignorant to real life. I would totally recommend this movie to anyone who loves the romantic genre. I give this movie a 10 out of 10!