Relief in Journalism Class!

As time passes, memories can be forgotten but yearbooks make sure to never let that happen. Yearbooks are very important for LCHS journalism students. 

They work very hard from the beginning of the year to the very last day of school.

Chrystal Wallce, teacher of the class has always told students in her class ¨Yearbooks are love letters to your school and you guys have the privilege to write them.¨

LCHS has a reputation to have award-winning yearbooks almost every year!

Editors play a big role in the yearbooks. They work harder than most of the students in the class to make sure yearbooks are perfected. 

This year both editors, Anna Layer and Katy Roel  are seniors which mean they will be leaving shortly. 

Editor Anna Layer says,¨  It’s a relief to not have any more deadlines and to not have to worry about making the yearbook but it’s really bittersweet since it’s my last one.¨

¨I always feel sad and a little bit excited at the same time.¨ Wallace said as her class finished the yearbook.

The Journalism class felt great relief and excitement after finishing the yearbook.

Although the yearbook is over, there are still many fun things journalism class will do.

¨ In the remaining weeks I’ll work projects like finishing the supplement and learning photoshop. But above all, I want to enjoy every bit of my last term in journalism with everyone in here.¨ 

All Journalism students have to do now is wait for May 5th! The official yearbook distribution day! 

We hope all their hard work is appreciated and acknowledged by the student body.