Encanto Movie Review

Encanto: the newly released, heart touching Disney movie, that has rocked the world of cinemas and digital production. The movie is based on a Colombian family, the Madrigals, blessed with a miracle, or “encanto” as they refer to it. The family was blessed with this miracle after their Abuela’s husband was killed just after they had triplets, which are the main character Mirabel’s mother, aunt, and uncle. The encanto which is shown in the presence of a candle has many abilities, including having their ‘Casita’ which is a whole other level of a smart home; Casita communcates to the family through movement of floorboards, curtains, and etc.

“Having a house like Casita would be really cool,” Katy Roel said.

All of the family members following their Abuela, get blessed with gifts from their Casita. The main character, Mirabel, one of the many Madrigals, was *SPOILER* not blessed with a gift. Mirabel tries her hardest to be of the most help she can even though she is not ‘special’ like the rest. 

“If I were to pick a character, I’d say I relate to Mirabel the most,” Anonymous said. 

This movie teaches an important lesson with how love in family can make it so much stronger, and to be thankful.

“I would say I learned a lot from the movie,” Roel said.

The movie is now streaming on Disney Plus and in Theaters!