Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour Review

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Review

T-swift, swiftey, T-swizzle aka the one and only Taylor Swift. For the longest time, I was just as much a hater as Kanye, until recently. Now I won’t say the Era’s Tour movie was this utterly life-changing experience, but definitely mind-changing. Going in with my Taylor-obsessed best friend, her sister, and her brother-in-law I thought, “This is going to be the absolute worst few hours of my life,” but I was wrong. 

I even dressed up in the fearless era, per the request of my friend, and fit in the crowd. The whole ride there Taylor’s music blasted and I was given the rundown. Finally sitting down I couldn’t have been less bored until the lights went out.     

Opening scene; big clothe-tailed dancers come out looking like angelic peacocks. All the screens were covered with colorful clouds. The cinematography was without a doubt breathtaking. They dance around for a while, fanning up and down the stage. Finally, they all circle together and when they lift up their tails again there stands Taylor Swift in all her flamboyant glory. She immediately breaks out into “Miss Americana” and I’m hooked. I didn’t remember her lyrics being so witty and beautiful, and her voice even more so. I hadn’t known that her choreography was this thought out and the stage design just seemed out of this world. 

Throughout the performance, all I could think of was, “Wow,” that’s the only word I could get out. 

 My friend laughed and smiled sparing a “Told ya so!” every now and then, and I smiled back. 

With every single album that passed I found I was not once let down. In some songs I even cried at the lyrics, feeling connected to her myself. Even her on-stage acting was on point, pushing all expectations out the window. That night I found myself understanding why people became so attached to her as an artist, because not only is she good but she is relatable. Even with my favorite artists, the live performances can seem underwhelming, but Taylor was quite the opposite. Overall I think the word for this movie would be breathtaking. From start to finish I was intrigued by the music and the story being told. I went from a hater to a minor Swiftie, so take it from me. This is not a movie you want to skip, especially if you are a Swiftie. 


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