A Treat For Your Health

Covid-19 has recently been at an all-time high. In response to the rise, a vaccine has been developed and is currently being administered to the public. With the administration of the vaccine, storage has become a priority.

The vaccine is unable to be saved for long periods of time, so getting the opportunity to receive it has been a struggle. Nonetheless, healthcare providers are doing their best to give the vaccine when they are instructed to do so.

With the new vaccine being in phase III, scientists have realized and tested methods to protect the vaccine in storage. There were two types of the vaccine, after being unfrozen, one, BioNTech, has to be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit, and the other, Moderna, has to be stored at -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Because most facilities do not have the ability to transfer it to new locations, Dippin’ Dots has been looked at for recruitment to assist in the process of transfer.

Once the vaccines have been unfrozen and refrigerated, they only last for short periods of time. This is an extremely difficult process because if the vaccine is not preserved, it has to be discarded. According to online sources, the “cold-chain” can be extremely helpful.

“They probably designed it with the idea that someone would take out an entire tray at a time, and for a mass vaccination clinic, that’s great, it just is harder when we’re trying to vaccinate priority populations and they are spread out,” says Julie Swann.

With rising numbers during the pandemic, the goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible, especially in areas that are considered red zones.

With the help of the Dippin’ Dots company, the vaccine transfer can be safer for the vials themselves. It may also prove to help the areas receiving them to help preserve them long enough to vaccinate those who need it the most, as well as all those who want to protect their families against Covid-19.




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