The class of 2021 are seniors this year and that means: football games, spirit week, pep rallys, graduation and so much more! Except not how you would usually experience them…

Skip back to February when public schools started closing down, we were all hoping and praying that COVID-19 would cease to exist during our final year at LC, but yet the virus persists. Seniors this year now have to deal with the constant threat of going virtual and the closing or canceling of sports and extracurriculars. Masks are a requirement, and the school year feels off. Class of 2021 waited for their moment, and it is truly disheartening to see that this is the reality compared to what they envisioned. 

¨The pandemic has definitely been a challenging and uncertain time for me. Outside of school, I am a competitive dancer in a local company, and this season is already looking completely different than years in the past,¨ Joy Echols (12) said.

With all of the activities being cancelled it can be hard, as we continue through this pandemic, we have to make adjustments so students can still have a learning experience here at our school. Sports, the arts, LC Clubs, and CTE classes are all taking measures for everyone’s safety. We all are a team and COVID-19 has shown what can really be achieved by our staff and students to make things happen. 

¨Everything is just different and that can be really sad, but at the same time it is very cool to see how everyone in the community bands together to come up with solutions.¨ Graysen Halverson (12) said.

Senior year is looking a bit dire at the moment but I believe we are making the best out of it, with our staff and students working together to make a better school experience for everyone, it has proven what exactly we can get done with team-work. Remember, Stay safe and wear your masks!