Student Spotlight: Congrats Abby!

Abby Holm (10) playing the flute in a band performance
Abby Holm (10) playing the flute in a band performance

As summer approaches many students reflect on their accomplishments over the school year, academically or athletically. A sophomore here at LCHS shares a huge milestone she reached this past year. Abby Holm recently went to All-East for her band skills and tells of her experience. 

It took a lot of practice and breaking down the pieces to prepare for the audition. Mental preparation was a big part of it as well. Auditioning for this sort of thing is really nerve-wracking so it was super important for me to get into a calm mindset beforehand so I could perform better,” Holm said. 

While this was nerve-wracking and a big obstacle, Holm elaborates on the feelings she had when she realized she was going to state. 

“Finding out I was going to All-East was really cool and surprising at the same time cause I didn’t think I had done that well in my audition, so finding out I made it was really a great surprise,” Holm said. 

Holm also shares the importance of the instrument she plays.

“I have played the flute since the 6th grade. I started playing flute because that’s what my mom played in her high school band and I wanted to be like her,” Holm said.

Attending the All-East competition opened up a variety of opportunities for Holm and provided her with a learning experience she will never forget. 

“I would say that going to All-East provided me more experience in band, not only playing wise but also working with other directors and getting to meet a lot of great players from other schools. Learning to adapt to play and blend with a group of brand new people was extremely challenging but it helped me learn a lot of new things about playing in an ensemble,” Holm said. 

While attending All-East Holm gained many fun memories.

“My favorite part of going to All-East was getting to meet a bunch of other kids my age who play my instrument and talking with them about their band experience at school. Learning about how important making connections with other band members is was really cool,” Holm said. 

Experiences within accomplishments are what teach us to be better at something. Holm is a prime example of how hard work does pay off and being awarded for your accomplishments is a gift that keeps on giving. Experiences allow us to better ourselves and learn from the environments and people around us. Holm carried this mindset with her throughout her band history, and it paid off by her being rewarded to show off her talent at all state. Congrats Abby! 

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