Social and Economic Status’s

Most students are known for their hand work in school, while others are known for their participation, who their parents are, or their social class. Many students are judged depending on the social and economic status of their parents. While most the time money and home situations are a big impact on a students grades, many students pull through and does what it takes and works just as hard to achieve their goal. Milea Effler (11) explains her motivation to keeping her good grades.
“I make sure that I don’t give up and it’s also a friendly competition with my friends,” said Effler.
After asking Effler how she deals with certain situations compared to others her response was “some situations work for other people and not for me and vis vera,” said Effler.
Effler makes good grades while also taking honors classes in the past. Effler has taken a Honors vet science class and said she is going to college to be a vet.
“I plan on using my two years of TN Promise then transferring to UT,” said Effler.
While obtaining a grade point average or GPA of 3.2, she also has an after school job at Aubrey’s. She explains why she began working after school.
“I’m a host and a to go server. I had to get a job to help pay for my school things and to just help out my mom,” said Effler.
Having an after school job does not only teach students responsibilities, but helps them have money and time for them self when they need a rest. Effler said she enjoys watching and taking care of children on her free time.
“It’s an experience not many people get to encounter,” said Effler.
While many people think students of a higher social class get things such as money or excellent grades “handed” to them, it isn’t always how it seems.
Christien Grantham (11) takes Dual Enrollment, AP, and honors classes. Grantham has a 4.0 GPA and used to work after school, but is taking a break for now.
After asking Grantham how he achieves his goals and stays on top, he responded “motivation and studying. Some things like Math and Science just stick, but it mostly consists of studying and motivation,” said Grantham.
Grantham is from a household of a higher social class. He encounters problems with other students about getting “everything handed” to him. He explains that not everything is handed to him and he’s blessed to receive the benefits he does from his family.
“My home life is just better than some, but not everything is handed to me. My parents don’t just throw money at me. I get a lot of distaste because of it.. Even from my friends sometimes. It feels like a competition. They make it seem like my accomplishments aren’t the same. I worked just as hard as them and I’m beyond blessed to have what I have in today’s world,” said Grantham.
Grantham plans on going to College to be an animal husbandry. He is planning on going to University of Tennessee for 6-8 years to pursue his career.