Metro Pulse No More

On Wednesday October 15, the owners of Metro Pulse announced that the paper will be shut down and leaving around two dozen people unemployed. Metro Pulse will be merging with the Knoxville News Sentinel. The News Sentinel says Metro will be merged with, the paper’s Friday entertainment section. Metro Pulse has been read by the residents of the Knoxville area since August 9, 1991, as an alternative to the normal newspaper. In 1995, the paper began weekly publications. The Metro Pulse has become an influential part of Knoxville ‘s cultural and music scene. Many people in the community objected against the paper shutting down and on Sunday October 19, about 60 people attended a rally to bring back Metro Pulse. The rally allowed people to express how important the Metro is to them and to the community. The rally was organized through facebook by a man named Chris Irwin. Irwin and a group of other individuals are forming a committee to try and bring back the paper or create something similar for the community.