Student Spotlight: Put your head in the game!

Rylee Bolling (9) on the court before a game
Rylee Bolling (9) on the court before a game

It’s basketball season! Our Lady Panther basketball team has recently gone head to head against multiple teams over the past few weeks. One player in particular, Rylee Bolling (9), excelled in her performance on the court. 

As a basketball player of ten years, Bolling has developed ways to help her relax and focus on the match ahead before it’s showtime. For some, taking deep breaths while refocusing your mind or doing something to distract yourself from the anxiety these games bring on, works wonders. When it comes to Bolling, resorting to music along with the help of her teammates gets her out of her own head, preparing her for the competition.

“I definitely listen to music to try and block out my nerves and stuff and I shoot with my best friend before the game,” Bolling said.

Forming bonds, having a support system to lean on, and encouraging one another are crucial when it comes to playing on a team. Aside from the players, the coach is equally important. For Bolling, having a mentor that pushes her to succeed on top of having a strong bonded team is what gives her passion for her sport.

“I love the girls [on our team] and our coach because she coaches me hard and expects a lot from me which helps me do better,” Bolling said.

Playing basketball for ten years has made Bolling a fantastic player with a passion for her sport. After high school, she hopes to continue playing basketball and further pursue her love for the game. 

“My hope is to play college ball, but not any further than college,” Bolling said.

Ultimately, Bolling’s devotion to her sport has made her an incredible player and an even better teammate.

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