New Eslabon Armado Album!


On May 6th, 2022, Eslabon Armado’s new album, NOSTALGIA, was released.

During this past week, many individuals have been anticipating the release of Eslabon Armado in their new album NOSTALGIA. Many believe that this would be one of the best releases for them. Eslabon Armado is a famous Mexican Musical band known for their past popular song, “Jugaste y Sufrí” which gained a tremendous amount of viewership of 87 million. In addition, it was a trending song for multiple weeks on Tiktok. From their new gained popularity, many were expecting this new album release to be extremely successful.

The Release

On May 6, 2022, Eslabon Armado finally released their brand new album. Many were ecstatic and immediately began listening to it. This new album contained 14 new tracks with a few special features of Junoir H, Ivan Cornejo, DannyLux, etc.

“I was really excited [for the album] and once I listened to the album, I really liked it,” said Perla Avalos (11).

Mixed Reviews

With the wide variety of songs and their accessibility of it, many new listeners began putting their take on whether or not it was worth the wait. Some had good opinions while others thought the hype was too overrated. 

“I loved the song’Qué diablos hice’ because it talks about a breakup and a lot of people can relate to it. Although, the song ‘Las Historias se acaban’ was my least favorite because I feel like the girl’s voice and the guy’s voice don’t really go together. Also, they’ve made better albums in the past,” said Vanesa Castro (11).

Awards Gained

Currently, Eslabon Armado’s songs are consistently a soaring topic for many Latino listeners. As of now, Eslabon Armado’s album NOSTALGIA has gained hundreds of Spotify listeners by the day. In addition, Eslabon Armado is nominated for two categories at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. For this reason, you should definitely listen to Eslabon Armado’s NOSTALGIA album. This way you can be the critic and find out if it’s a great album!