The Gods We Can Touch – An Album By Aurora

The Gods We Can Touch - An Album By Aurora

Aurora, a Norwegian singer/songwriter, has released a new album: The Gods We Can Touch. This batch of songs is majorly inspired by Greek myths and deities, and their connections to humankind. Aurora’s music has served to uplift and inspire its listeners in the past, and this album is no different.

The artist chose Greek mythology as a focus due to her interest in the subject. She appreciates that, unlike in some other cultures, Greek deities are flawed.

“I’m very fascinated by human nature as well as the divine, and why we so often think about them as two separate entities. In Greek mythology, I feel that they manage to think of that as being the same thing, that imperfection is worth something,” Aurora said.

Several tracks in this album are dedicated to the connection between these deities and humans. “Giving In To The Love” is one such song; inspired by the story of Prometheus, Aurora is able to link humans and the divine. In the myths, Prometheus made mankind out of clay and took fire from the gods to finish his creation.

“I love the idea of all of us having this godlike fire inside of us… We should give the fire we have within more value, and be more defined by that instead of our outer layer of clay,” Aurora said.

The tenth song in the album, “A Temporary High”, is influenced by the god Janus. Janus is a god with two faces, one looking into the past, and one looking into the future. Aurora believes that this story can help people be happier in their lives.

“‘Temporary High’ is about the present, and how we manage to live in the now with what we learn from the past, and hopefully also make the future better,” Aurora said.

The thirteenth track was created to spread the message of living for yourself and doing things that make you happy. Inspired by Bacchus, “Blood In The Wine” uses its lyrics about living shamelessly to convey this.

“This is a song about the importance of enjoying the beautiful things in life and having no shame for your human needs and dreams and fascinations,” Aurora said.

While this album is inspired by myths, Aurora is inspired by the real stories of people who have been unable to live their lives to the fullest. Much of the collection is devoted to the idea of living your life the way you want to, regardless of what others think. These songs are ethereal and uplifting, inspiring the listener to be themself.