Music is the Strongest Form


People’s efforts to get the COVOID-19 cases to stop plaguing the United States have finally paid off, resulting in the return of concerts across the country.

Tristan Rice (11) was able to experience a music festival called Music Midtown due to decreases in COVID cases. Music Midtown is a festival in Atlanta, Georgia that lasts two days (a weekend) and features artists ranging from smaller artists such as Oliver Tree to famous artists such as Miley Cyrus.

“I am glad that big events like concerts are back because it gives us the opportunity to experience the fun of music and being around others who appreciate similar things,” Rice said.

Despite a decrease in COVID numbers and more people getting their vaccine, COVID continues to affect individuals worldwide; however, there are still ways to hold concerts without increased risk.

“You were required to be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative COVID test. I was fully vaccinated and got a negative covid test the day before just in case. Other than entering the festival, there wasn’t any other restrictions besides the festival being cashless (card/wristband) only, but that’s not really a restriction,” Rice said.

Rice’s time at Music Midtown was not completely perfect.

“The difficulty of the festival was the weather for the weekend. It was extremely hot especially with the thousands of people piled together. The rain was a problem in the beginning, but the rain was better, later on, to cool everyone down,” Rice said.

Even under stressful circumstances such as weather, Rice still managed to have fun during the festival.

“The difficulties that I faced didn’t change the great time I had. The crowds and the uncontrollable weather were all a part of the festival experience as everything is unexpected. My time at the festival was definitely unforgettable,” Rice said.

Music really brings people together, so being able to have these events happen again is just what people needed to boost their morale following the peak of a long, hard pandemic.

“My experience was amazing, it exceeded my expectations. It was so much fun and worth every dollar I spent. Every second got better and better,” Rice said.

More concerts are returning soon to areas near, such as Harry Styles in Nashville on October 1st and Metallica in Atlanta on November 6th. The United States is taking steps to return a sense of normality after COVID by slowly bringing back these large gatherings!