Fighting For My Passion!

 Coming from a family that has wanted nothing but to get me the best in life has made me the person I am today. I am a very hardworking, determined, persistent, and responsible person who has always been taught to fight and work hard for what they want. If my parents made the huge sacrifice of coming to another country, having no idea about anything or how we could get through every day, makes me realize I am here to make them proud. The biggest dream I have is to make them proud. The way I will do that is by pursuing my dream and becoming the best immigration law attorney.

I have gotten very involved with the justice system in the United States the past couple of years and made me realize it was my passion. There have been many issues and injustice scenarios I have experienced with immigration in this country. When I was about 12 years old I had Puerto Rican neighbors. They were great people, very hard working and respectful to everyone. I was friends with one of their daughters named Rachell. One night, we saw many police cars outside their house. My parents went outside to try to help but didn’t let me come out and see. I peeked through the window and saw Rachell and her family being escorted out of their house all sobbing and in great pain. I quickly realized what was going on. My heart filled with anger. I was very upset for days. I was more than happy and grateful my parents and I were protected and nothing could happen to us, but I realized I never wanted to see that happen to a family who did nothing but worked hard for this country and caused no trouble.





I daydream just about every day of seeing the happiness and relief in pepolś faces when I help them get justice. I daydream about being in my office and feeling powerful and accomplished. Helping people who need it in a big and beautiful law firm. Even Though I am only a sophomore I have a plan set for after high school and I hope to accomplish that goal with my hard work and persistence and one day to achieve the biggest dream and goal I have, be announced as Lawyer Ms.Gonzalez. I don’t only want to be called Lawyer Ms.Gonzalez but I want to be called the best immigration lawyer and with God’s help and my hard work I know I will achieve that.