“GUTS” Olivia Rodrigo Album Review

Olivia Rodrigos album cover for her new collection GUTS
Olivia Rodrigo’s album cover for her new collection “GUTS”

Returning from the massive success of her first album Sour, Olivia Rodrigo has finally fully released her new album Guts. Rodrigo released the song “vampire”, on June 30th as well as “bad idea right?” almost a week later. After a most anticipated wait, she eventually published the whole album with 12 new songs on September 8th, including a few surprise songs on the album’s record.

If you are into angsty teen heartbreak, this album is right up your alley. The collection has a mixture of heart-rending songs as well as some pop and upbeat. I genuinely enjoyed this album but, I found myself leaning more towards the slower songs rather than her rocker anthems. Though I’m not a fan of pop-style songs, my favorite song of Rodrigo’s would have to be “Ballad of a Homeschool Girl”. I love the attitude in the song and it exudes a 90’s grunge music feel. Taylor Chaney (11), states that her favorite song on the GUTS album is “Grudge”.

 “It is exactly how I’m feeling and going through right now,” Chaney said.

Although I really enjoyed the collection overall, I felt that a few of her songs felt repetitive to her preceding album SOUR. GUTS was somewhat disappointing considering that it has been two years since her last album’s release, and I found it contained a similar premise as her last collection. The factor that saved the album for me, was most of her songs stray away from the “ex-boyfriend” topic and delve deeper into her struggles as a young artist. I absolutely loved the song “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”, which writes about how the media can make individuals experience a terrible self-image. I see this song as a deeper meaning through the negative side of fame and all the ways it can make you really doubt your worth and beauty. Ciara Davis (11) shares her thoughts on the album.

 “I think it is very different from her previous music, it is very mature, and she showcases that throughout the album showing that she has grown,” Davis said.

Overall I would score this album an 8/10. Yes, some of Rodrigo’s songs are a little repetitive to her last album, but I also think that GUTS expressed that she is continually growing as an artist. 

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