Feeling Sweet, Getting Weird

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Photo credit to Robin Banks via Flickr

Do you ever find life being a huge drag, but also find everything to be awesome and beautiful? If so Christmas Island by Andrew Jackson Jihad might be the album for you! Christmas Island is AJJ’s newest album, released May 6th of this year.

The album is exceptionally short like many of Andrew Jackson Jihad’s albums. It has twelve tracks but only lasts about thirty four minutes. The short songs make an interesting, fleeting feeling because as soon as you begin to like a song, it ends. I suggest you just listen to the album start to finish to get the full effect, but if you are going to listen to a song or two my personal favorite is “Children of God” or “Getting Naked, Playing with Guns”.

If you have never listened to Andrew Jackson Jihad, this album is a perfect place to start. It is a weird fusion of punk and dark acoustic music. Like all good albums, this one is an adventure, and it is a weird adventure that I highly advise you to take, because sometimes you have to explore the darkness to really understand all the beauty in life.