The Terror of Hurricane Florence

Hurricanes have hit the United States many times and cause much damage to people’s homes. Recently, Hurricane Florence has become the main danger for the U.S. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the “peak of hurricane season” is during late August until October. Hurricane’s are, according to NASA, big engines that use warm air to get their power. NASA says that they form by warm air rising to the surface of the ocean, causing low pressure to be under the surface. As the higher pressure is on top and the lower pressure on the bottom, it makes new air which causes it whirl around it. While feeding off the warm air, it keeps on spinning faster and getting bigger.

According to Time, Hurricane Florence hit Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Friday, September 14th. CBS news reported that there are parts of North Carolina that have received more than 30 inches of rainfall. CNN informed us that most of the east coast of the U.S. will be affected. From Wilmington, North Carolina to Barnstable, Massachusetts, there will be flooding and tons of rain. As reported by Time, there have been more than 1.7 million people asked to evacuate the coast and more than 10 million are under hurricane watch.

Stated in ABC News, there have been 17 deaths in North Carolina and six in South Carolina because of Hurricane Florence. There have been many children that have gotten swept by water. Many other people have died from being electrocuted, blown by the air, medical conditions from being worried, fallen tree branches, and many other ways. USA Today gave tips and safety concerns to keep people safe, some of which are: do not leave your windows cracked, do not go to generators because they release carbon monoxide, do not rely on candles, have a floating device, etc. Many of these are precautions that people should take to be better prepared for what is to come. Many people have died for not following procedures that were recommended.

“ Families need to listen to the evacuation alerts and need to listen to what is advised,” said Jakeline(10).  

Although there are still people being affected by the hurricane today, many people have already went through the worst of it.