Thirds Times The Charm


Shaun White, also known as The Flying Tomato, was born on November 3, 1986, in San Diego California. He was born with a congenital heart defect, and had two cardiac surgeries by the time before the age of 5. Before White became interested in snowboarding he was first involved in skateboarding. White was six years old when he decide to follow his big brother’s lead and begin snowboarding. Despite a couple falls here and there White soon became very skillful. Just a year after White had became involved he was already taking part in his very first amateur competition. Because White won every competition he competed in, at the age of thirteen he became one of the youngest athletes to have a major equipment supplier and the opportunity to become a professional athlete.

Shaun White´s had his first appearance in the Winter X games in 2002. There he won silver in the slopestyle and superpipe. He continued compete in the X games and medal in several events. Because of his success in the X games White was already known world wide;  the only thing White had yet to accomplish in his career thus far was competing for his country at the Olympic games.

At just nineteen years old,  Shaun White made his very first Olympic debut at the 2006 winter games in Torino, Italy. There White didn’t hold anything back. He competed with style and grace. The most impressive trick he did was the back-to-back one eighty. He rode with such a drive to win, and by doing just that he won himself his very first Olympic Gold medal in the men’s halfpipe competition.

Although he won the gold, Shaun’s journey at the Olympics had not yet came to a halt.  After competing in Torino in 2006, he had the drive to keep competing for his country. Because the Olympics only happen once every four years Shaun began training for the Vancouver games in 2010. He was known as the best  halfpipe snowboarder in the world, and his fans were more than eager to  see his second Olympic performance.

In just a split second, four years had flown by and it was time for Shaun White to put on his second Olympic performance. He was twenty three years old entering the games held in Vancouver, Canada. He yet again came out hungry for the gold. He scored a forty eight point four out of fifty, and made history by landing the first ever  phenomenal Double McTwist 1260 during the finals. He finished the competition with more than three points ahead of the silver medalist Peetu Piiroinen of Finland. America and the world looked at White as an icon.

White did not make the podium in the Sochi Olympic games, but that did not mean he was done. White trained his hardest to be able to come back for one final run. At the age of 31 years old, Shaun White, The Flying Tomato, would compete in his last Olympic games in Pyeongchang.  He started off by setting the bar high a score of 94.25 out of 100 at the end of his first run. Unfortunately in his second run he got passed meaning White would have to a score higher than 95.25 laid down by Piiroinen of Finland. White immediately responded on his third run, topping out with a score of run of 97.75, and yet again it was sweet victory for the American Snowboarder.

Because of his will and drive Shaun White three time gold medalist is a icon to those who are snowboarders themselves, like Clayton West (11).

“I have been snowboarding for a couple years now just for fun. I couldn’t ever imagine being as skilled as Shaun White. He is by far my favorite snowboarder. He is truly an inspiration. Seeing how he stated at such a young age and is still competing at thirty one years old that’s so impressive,” said West.

Shaun White’s Olympic career may be over, but he will still continue to awe the country for years.