What Your Handwriting Says About You

Casey White, Staff writer

Your clothes, your hair style, and even your taste in music are affected by your personality. Did you know your personality can also contribute to your handwriting style?

English teacher, Mrs. Patty Cochran , has studied handwriting analysis.

“I learned that you really can tell a lot about the person by their style of handwriting… you can tell some traits but not everything,” said Cochran. She offered some interesting thoughts and ideas about handwriting.

You can use this technique to help you better understand a person. Having a new lab partner who takes notes with small letters could indicate the person needs everything done in a complete and correct order. A classmate signs your yearbook in bold letters, and that could indicate they are confident.


“This is a tool for fun,” said Mrs. Cochran,”this is not 100 percent science.”

It’s a fun and unique way to get to know a person. Try it sometime.