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A Night To Remember!

A photo captured at prom by student Charley Edgemon

Prom is a magical night for many high school students and a very exciting experience for most juniors and seniors. Having fun picking out dresses and shoes, deciding what makeup and hair to do, and even making plans for before and after prom with your friends. It is a very well-planned and detailed night, that Mrs. Hanley put together to make sure that all the students attending had a very fun night. The theme being lavender haze, you walked into a beautiful venue decorated to perfection. Being greeted by a red carpet and Mr. Baldwin with LCTV, giving each student a chance to be interviewed and show off their look. Having a purple wall for photos and many more photo ops available, so that everyone could have a photo to remember the night. 

Senior, Savanah Best shares why prom was worth it to her.

“It was worth it to me because I got to have a night to dance and have fun with my friends, and it will forever be remembered as one of my core high school memories,” Best said. 

In a few years you won’t remember every single thing that happened in high school but hopefully, you will remember the good times. Prom night is one of the most memorable moments in a student’s teenage years. All the fun things to experience all in one night, a night people probably take months to plan.

 Junior, Fallon Sherrill explains the preparation it took to get ready for prom. 

“I started getting all of my stuff in February, but on the actual day, I only took a few hours ready for prom. I would overall rate the night a nine out of ten, I had a lot of fun taking pictures with all of my friends,” Sherrill said.

Prom has always been known as the one thing that students look forward to. There is something really special about picking out a dress or a tux, doing your hair and makeup before, and getting ready with your friends to take photos. It adds to the magic of prom night as a night to always be remembered.

Senior, Exzavier Shelton discloses his rating of prom night.

“It was not the best but it was not the worst so I would honestly give it a five out of ten. I really only say that because I could just go and hang out with my friends and have a good laugh with them, but overall the night was good for my senior prom,” Shelton said.

Everyone involved in the planning and making of prom couldn’t have outdone themselves anymore. It was a very great experience to see and participate in, and shoutout to Eli Park and Aubrie Robbins on prom king and queen. Overall prom 2024 was a great success and one that students will definitely remember for years to come. 

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