Changing Climate, Changing Views


Climate change is a topic that is debated over and over. Some people think that climate change is affected and made by human interactions. Others think that it is only environmental factors and humans have nothing to do with it.

One of these people that think that humans have no place whatsoever in climate change is president Donald Trump. All through his presidential career so far, he as said that climate change is only environmental and humans have no play in it. Alexis Barton (11) told what her stance on climate change.

“I personally am not 100% sure that climate change/global warming is real. I think the Earth goes through climate patterns and we happen to be in part of the pattern where the Earth is warm,” said Barton.


Last week, The White House released a statement that said that global warming’s number 1 factor was human interaction. This caught everyone off guard, because it totally contradicted what President Trump has said thus far into his presidential career. When asked about what she thought about Trump and the White House changing his stance on climate change, Alexis said this.

 “It still doesn’t change my opinion about global warming/climate change. Everyone has an opinion about this topic, so that’s fine if they think that; however, I don’t think we should spend a lot of taxpayers’ dollars to help fund research for climate change/global warming,” said Barton.

Ever since Trump has released this statement, many people are questioning why he changed his mind. Whenever Trump releases another statement on this topic, be it via twitter or an official press conference, many people will be watching or reading. This will be a topic for days and months to come.