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It is a year of changes. Disneyland is 60 years old, a new park is being added, and even Universal Studios is changing the Hulk Ride. As action packed movies become more popular, the rides are becoming more action packed at theme parks.

Earlier this year Universal Studios announced that the Hulk ride would be closed down for renovations.  The ride has been open since 1999 and has not been changed since then. Which means that it only features items from the first Hulk movie. The new ride is located on Marvel Super Hero Island, and will still have the theme of the “Incredible Hulk” because Universal would forfeit their rights to the giant green rage monster if they replace his ride. This is because Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment Inc. a few years ago, but they also made a deal with Universal Studios for the use of the characters as long as their original ride is inuse(Orlando Sentinel).

Universal is not the only theme park with new attractions, to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, Star Wars Land is being opened. Sunday night, Disney had a 60 year celebration. Harrison Ford and BB8 then announced the Star Wars Experience, which will have two new rides besides the one already in DisneyWorld. One of these rides will set audiences in the Millennium Falcon, and they will then battle the First Order. Part of the Star Wars experience is already in effect while the rest of the site is underconstruction. Besides Disney’s new attraction the 60th anniversary was celebrated with performances by several artist including Idina Menzel. The celebration was shown live on ABC and can still be watched online(

Pictures Disney released as possible animations for new rides.

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Pictures of Universal’s Hulk Ride

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