Homecoming Court 2015

Every year, Lenoir City High School’s senior class nominates ten girls to be on homecoming court.


This year there were 13 girls due to a four way tie for the tenth spot.


Sheri Parker is one of the thirteen girls. She will be escorted by her boyfriend, Ryan Varnum. Her sister was on homecoming court before she was, and she is really excited to have been chosen.


“I am thrilled that my peers voted for me!” Parker says.


Alexis O’Domirok will be escorted by Jason Patel and is the second of the thirteen girls on the court. She is the second in her family to be on the court (her mother was on it when she was in high school).


“It was extremely exciting for me to be nominated, and I was very surprised,” says O’Domirok.


Jaden Binkley will be escorting Haylee Foshee to the game in place of her boyfriend (one of the football players). She feels honored to have been chosen for the court and is very excited to see who will be Queen.


“It would mean the world to me to win, but so many other girls deserve to win as well,” Foshee says.


Autumn Young is the first in her family to be on the homecoming court. She is very excited to be on the court, but says that it didn’t really sink in that she had been nominated at first.


“At first I didn’t believe my name had been called, but then I got texts saying congratulations,” Young says.


Alex Brede and Ryan Vichich will be taking to the field with the rest of the court. She would be honored to be chosen. Brede is the first in her family to be on the homecoming court, and she says that she wanted to be on the court, quote,  “Fresh out of the womb.”


Christine Garcia is going to the game with her friend Graham Denton. Her sister, Dianne Garcia, won prom queen, however she was never on the court, making Christine the first in her family to do it.


She feels honored to have been chosen and says, “I would love to win, because I feel like I represent LCHS as a whole.”


Jandi Palmer was selected by the LCHS students to be on the court. She is being escorted by her boyfriend Donnie Haire.


She says “It’d be such an honor and I would enjoy it very much, but I think there’s better candidates on the court.”


Danielle Bowman will be at the game with Ty Bennett. Her nomination caught her completely by surprise, but she was very happy never-the-less.


“[My nomination] was completely unexpected and just gives you an amazing feeling to have that honor,” she said.


Haley Van Hoose was nominated as well and will be present at the game with her escort Logan Henry.


She felt honored to be nominated and says, “It would be an honor for any of the girls to win, just being on the [Homecoming] court is an honor.”


Becca Reed, the first in her family to attend LCHS, is the first in her family to be on the Homecoming court.


Her escort is Nick Plemons, and was very surprised to find out she had been nominated. “It would mean so much [to win], but I am honored and grateful to just be on the court with so many amazing girls,” Reed said.


Graciela Estrada was nominated and says she was shocked that she was.


“It’s pretty rad. People that I didn’t know came up to me and congratulated me. I kind of felt like J-Lo some days,” she said.


Amberlee Zeller was nominated as well and will attend the game with her escort, Parker Simpson. She is the first person in her family to be on the court.


“I’ve always thought it would be exciting and fun to be a part of but to me being a part of it wasn’t always a goal,” she said.
Kerrington Jones is the last girl to have been nominated to the court.